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Real 5 G

Living Water • Real Alkalinity Delivered 


Upcoming Events


KJLH's Women's Health Expo
April 2018

Real 5 G Water is happy to have a booth again at the KJLH's Women's Health Expo. Please visit our booth in the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday April 

REtail Store opening
May 5 2018

We are proud to announce Real 5 G Retail Store Grand Opening scheduled for Saturday May 5th, 2018 from 11am - 4pm. Free Water Samples, Real Water Margaritas!

Get SET for Summer Sale
May 2018

Living Water Beyond Alkalinity Delivered!  Infused with negative Ions and delivered to  your home or office in a 5 gallon bottle The most advanced water in 300 years! 


Our Services

Home and Office:

We deliver to homes as well as businesses and large Enterprise. With a professional delivery service staff your water will arrive on time and in the correct quantities. Need to change your order? No worries, one of our delivery staff members can assist with that on the spot. 


Taste the Difference!

The awareness around the health benefits of drinking the right amount of water has been well established. Today, alkalized water is considered the best that water can be. Properly filtered and balanced alkalized water is what Real Water is. 


Environmentally Conscious

Our bottles are made from Recycled PET (rPET) and are BPA Free. This means that producing these bottles saves energy by more than half and uses 90% less water in the production process


Living Water

Infused with negative Ions and delivered to your home or office in a 5 gallon bottle. The most advanced water in 300 years!